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Finding my match

By Jeff R. Boyle '10

For a few years, I was looking for a local organization that was involved and one that makes a positive impact in the community. I checked out a handful of organizations and while they did meet on a regular basis, they never did anything — they only talked about doing things.

One day, I came across Rotary Club while reading an article online, and I searched to see if Hamilton had a local chapter. After visiting with them and attending a few meetings as a guest, I quickly realized that the Hamilton Rotary Club was just the organization I had been looking for.

There are so many different opportunities to volunteer in the community and be involved in projects that positively impact our neighbors and our city. Over the last decade I have formed some amazing relationships, gained a few mentors, and had the privilege to serve as club president. I am extremely proud of the incredible things that Rotarians continue to do to serve our local community as well as others around the world.

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