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Monday Member Spotlight: Nancy O’Neill

Meet Nancy O’Neill, Director of Events & Leadership Hamilton at the Greater Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, a woman of many interests and experiences. She's kissed the Blarney Stone, studied Art History in college, and even flew all the way to Las Vegas just to see Barry Manilow perform - and she'll tell you, it was absolutely amazing. When she's not jet-setting across the country for concerts, you can find Nancy curled up on the couch with her favorite TV show, the Great British Baking Show. With a life full of adventure and a passion for the arts, Nancy is a force to be reckoned with.


  1. I’ve kissed the Blarney Stone

  2. My major in college was Art History

  3. I flew to Las Vegas specifically to see Barry Manilow perform. It. Was. Amazing.



FOOD A big juicy ribeye or NY strip steak!

SNACK/CANDY Lay’s potato chips, plain and simple/triple dipped malted milk balls from Henry’s Candy

RESTAURANT Carlo & Johnny

MOVIE You’ve Got Mail

TV SHOW Great British Baking Show

MUSIC/BAND 80’s music/Bon Jovi

SONG Since U Been Gone by Kelly Clarkson

HOBBY Quality social time with friends

SPORT/TEAM Love to watch tennis and golf – Roger Federer (of course he’s retired now) and Jordan Spieth are my faves

BOOK Bridget Jones’s Diary


STORE Golden Day Boutique




Choose one song to play every time you walk into a room. What song and why? “It’s My Life” - Why? It’s now or never

You wrote a book about your career so far. What would the title and why? “Let Me Google That For You” Why? You wouldn’t believe the calls we get at the Chamber of Commerce!

If you weren’t in your current line of work, what career would you pursue?

Museum Curator

What’s your #1 bucket list item? I really want to travel to Hawaii and spend a couple of weeks there



Why did you join Rotary? To be one of the cool kids! Really, to be part of something good going on in our community

What is your favorite part of being a Rotarian?

The people and the opportunity to serve the community!

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