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Reflecting on my favorite moments as a Rotarian

By Lisa Guliano '12

Why I joined Rotary

I moved to Butler County from northern Ohio in 2012. My predecessor had been a member of the Hamilton Rotary Club for many years and talked highly of the people and the connections that happen through membership. I took her advice and became a member. It is an awesome way to get to know the community and the members were so warm and welcoming to me! Our club members are wonderful resources within our community and are always willing to assist you – whether you are a new member, or have been in the club for many years!

My favorite thing about our Hamilton Club

I appreciate the strong connection to our youth in the community. My favorite meetings are those involving youth: musical and dance performances from Hamilton and Badin High Schools; essay, poster, and speech contest presentations; science fair winners; and scholarship recipients. Our club also recognizes high school seniors at meetings during the school year having them share information about their experience and future plans. Our major fundraiser, Rotary Presents, is also youth-focused as it is a musical theater performance featuring local youth and adult talent. Our club provides multiple opportunities to showcase talent, build confidence, and support young people in our community.

My favorite Rotary-related memory

I had the honor of being club president during our centennial anniversary in 2019. I have many favorite memories from that exciting year as we worked to compile our history and celebrate with a party featuring appetizers, drinks, and music from different time periods. My fondest memories are of our long-time club members enjoying the historical milestones featured at our centennial celebration. It was a humbling experience to be president during such a special year and I had significant support from tenured club members in making this a truly memorable event.

Rotary’s impact on our local community and the world

I’ll never forget when my professional life collided with my Rotary life… My career over the past two decades has been focused on serving people with developmental disabilities. During my term as club president, as we researched the history of the Hamilton club, l learned that during its founding years it was dedicated to a similar mission. Soon after our club was chartered in 1919, members raised money and sponsored children with disabilities to attend camp at the YMCA’s Camp Campbell Gard. They also hosted holiday parties and even clinics providing medical evaluations and equipment to support these children and their families. Rotary clubs formed the International Society for Crippled Children, which later went on to become Easterseals.

Rotary had the foresight to accept people and see their abilities long before the Americans with Disabilities Act was in place. What an amazing story of impact in our local community and around the world!

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