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The Hamilton Rotary Club Welcomes New Members and Celebrates a Year of Success

We gathered on Thursday, June 6th for a memorable meeting, marked by celebration, acknowledgment, and the welcoming of new members. The lunchtime meeting underscored the club's dedication to service, community, and friendship. Departing President Kimberly Schmidt celebrated the accomplishments of the past year.

Welcoming New Members

To start the meeting we inducted three new members into the Rotary family. We are thrilled to welcome:

  • Jacob Stone Welch from the Hamilton Community Foundation

  • Sarah Templeton Wilson from Pyramid Hill

  • Stacie Stitsinger from Gale Healthcare Solutions

Their addition brings fresh energy and diverse expertise to our club, promising even greater contributions to our community efforts. We look forward to the innovative ideas and enthusiasm they will undoubtedly bring to our projects and initiatives.

Celebrating a Year of Achievements

This year has been an exceptional one for the Hamilton Rotary Club. It has been a year filled with numerous activities and club spirit. Here are some of the milestones we celebrated:

  • Total Number of Members: We have grown to 102 active members

  • New Members: Welcoming 13 new members this year alone

  • Volunteer Hours: Collectively, we dedicated 753 hours to service

  • Major Service Project: The Bourbon & Chocolate event was a resounding success, with 523 volunteer hours, making it the project with the highest engagement and raising funds to support our community efforts

  • Top Rotarian for Service Hours: Bethany Spaeth, our Public Relations Chair, contributed the most hours, actively participating in social events, the Rotary Angels program, and the promotion and planning of Bourbon & Chocolate

  • Honorable Mention: Kim Neal Davis, who also contributed over 140 hours, played a crucial role as the Chair of the Bourbon & Chocolate Festival

  • Rotary Spirit Award: Morgan Stitsinger received this award for her exceptional dedication as a new member and her enthusiasm for social engagements.

Other Recognitions

In addition to celebrating our new members and top contributors, we recognized several individuals for their ongoing dedication and support:

  • Cathy Kuhl: Acknowledged for her invaluable role as Club Administrator.

  • Karen Baker: Celebrated for her long-standing service as Treasurer, bringing essential institutional knowledge and unwavering support for every new President.

  • Flo Butler and Adam Marcum: Thanked for their steadfast support of President Kimberly Schmidt, stepping up as Rotary Ringmasters whenever needed.

The afternoon meeting was a beautiful reminder of the power of community and the impact we can make when we work together. As we look forward to the coming year, we are inspired by the dedication of our members and the successes we have achieved. Here's to another year of service, fellowship, and making a difference in Hamilton!


Stay tuned for more updates on our projects and events. If you are interested in joining the Hamilton Rotary Club or learning more about our work, please click here or attend one of our upcoming meetings. Together, we can continue to make a positive impact in our community.

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