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Why I joined Rotary and remain a member

By Dave Stitsinger '14

My favorite thing about our club

We are actively involved in making the Hamilton Community the place to live a good and productive life and safely raise a family. I truly believe without the involvement of the Hamilton Rotary Club, many cultural and classic “Hamilton” traditions would be lost. Rotary truly exemplifies the warmth and caring of the City of Hamilton!

My favorite Rotary memory

My favorite story is from when I was working on the stage crew for the Rotary Presents musical. On a show night, we had a handful of cast members that could not attend. I ended up having to dye my hair jet black and wear all black clothing so I could hold up some of the props for a special scene in the show. This meant, yes, I had to be on stage during the show. It worked so well that they asked me and two others filling in to continue to help for the last three remaining shows.

Rotary’s impact on our local community and the world

Rotary’s impact on our local community does not require much narrative. The Rotary impact on the world requires even less. The Rotary Four-Way Test is truly a guide for living one’s life.

The future of our club

I believe the future of the Hamilton Rotary Club is strong and will continue to be a magnetic force for years to come. The desire of the club members to remain together and committed, not only to the club itself but to each other and to the community at large, was strongly demonstrated during the year of COVID - 2020. Club members have unanimously communicated their desire to resume in-person meetings and all regular club programs. Like any great organization, we are sincerely looking for ways to appeal to new members, promote the local business community and serve the citizens of Hamilton in various traditional and non-traditional ways.

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