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A Journey of Rotary Fellowship: Karen’s Visit to the Ballymena Rotary Club

Traveling to foreign lands can offer a wealth of experiences, but for Karen Underwood Kramer, her recent trip to Ireland was more than just sightseeing. It was an opportunity to join the Ballymena Rotary Club in celebrating their 80th Anniversary, fostering international connections, and making a lasting impact.

Karen, alongside her fellow travelers, was welcomed by the Ballymena Rotary Club for a special occasion – their 80th Anniversary celebration. The power of Rotary lies in its global network, and Karen experienced this firsthand as she engaged in fellowship with Rotarians from across the Atlantic.

During the anniversary meeting, the Ballymena Rotary Club virtually inducted a Honorary Rotary Member, Liam Nelson. Karen had the privilege of sitting with Liam’s sisters, who shared heartfelt stories about their brother. This exemplifies the Rotary spirit, emphasizing the importance of global unity and understanding.

In the spirit of camaraderie and exchange, Karen presented the Ballymena Rotary Club’s president with a pennant flag from her home club. This symbolic gesture reinforces the idea of sharing goodwill and friendship across borders. In return, she received a flag from Ireland, a tangible memento of her time with the Ballymena Rotary Club. Such exchanges represent the essence of international Rotary connections.

Karen’s commitment to visiting Rotary clubs during her travels is a testament to the enduring values of Rotary International. She and her father have made it a tradition to seek out these gatherings and immerse themselves in the local and global Rotary community. These encounters not only enrich their journeys but also strengthen the bonds of friendship and understanding that define Rotary.

The spirit of Rotary transcends borders and, as we look forward to her future travels, we can’t help but anticipate the next destination where Rotary fellowship will open doors to new adventures and cherished friendships.

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