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Monday Member Spotlight: Reverend John Lewis

Meet Reverend John Lewis - our latest Rotary Member Spotlight. Over the course of 63 years, he has lived in 21 different homes, attended 6 elementary schools and 3 high schools, and traveled far and wide before finally settling down at The Presbyterian Church of Hamilton. He's a man of great resilience, having survived the largest recorded earthquake in history. John's ultimate goal in life is to "Get to heaven and take as many people with me as I can!" Although he is a minister by profession, he also harbors a dream of becoming a TV broadcaster. We invite you to join us as we delve into the fascinating journey of Reverend John Lewis - a Rotary member whose life story is all about faith, resilience, and making a positive impact.


  1. I have lived in 21 places in 63 years.

  2. I went to 5 elementary schools in 6 years and 3 high schools in 4 years.

  3. I lived through the largest earthquake ever recorded in history.


Choose one song to play every time you walk into a room. What song and why "Call me the Breeze" by Lynard Skynard

You wrote a book about your career so far. What would the title be and why? "A funny thing happened to me on the way to the pulpit"

If you weren’t in your current line of work, what career would you pursue TV Broadcaster

What’s your #1 bucket list item? Get to heaven and take as many with me as I can!



FOOD: Lobster

SNACK/CANDY: Butterfinger Candy Bars

RESTAURANT: The Williamsburg Inn - 5 stars!

MOVIE: The Legend of Begger Vance

TV SHOW: Reruns of "Cheers"

MUSIC/BAND: Lynard Skynard


BOOK: /TEAM: Boston Red Socks

BOOK: The Haj by Leon Uris


STORE: Dick's Sporting Goods

SEASON: Summer



Why did you join Rotary? To contribute to our community

What is your favorite part of being a Rotarian?

The fellowship each week and the way we improve lives of others in our community.

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