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Monday Member Spotlight: Ian MacKenzie-Thurley

Meet Ian MacKenzie-Thurley, a dynamic individual who wears multiple hats as the Executive Director of The Fitton Center for Creative Arts. Hailing from the vibrant city of Sydney, Australia, Ian brings a unique perspective and a wealth of experience to his role. Beyond his professional accomplishments, Ian is a man of diverse interests and passions. A self-professed sports aficionado, he can often be found cheering on his and traveling the country to different baseball stadiums. However, it is not only the thrill of the game that captivates Ian; he also possesses a deep appreciation for disaster movies, reveling in their adrenaline-pumping narratives. While grounded in his love for art and culture, Ian's dreams extend far beyond the boundaries of our planet. With an unwavering desire to explore the unknown, he has set his sights on venturing into space, an extraordinary feat that tops his bucket list. With his multifaceted personality and unwavering dedication, Ian MacKenzie-Thurley is a true force to be reckoned with, both in the world of arts and beyond.


  1. Born in Sydney, Australia.

  2. Huge sports fan

  3. Lover of disaster movies


Choose one song to play every time you walk into a room. What song and why Men at Work: Land Down Under

You wrote a book about your career so far. What would the title be and why? 5 Minutes Everyone! Because that’s when the show starts.

If you weren’t in your current line of work, what career would you pursue Making TV Commercials

What’s your #1 bucket list item? Travel into space



FOOD: A medium steak, well done fries and a Coke!


RESTAURANT: La Figa in Limehouse, London

MOVIE: Godfather Pt. II

TV SHOW: The West Wing or Peaky Blinders

MUSIC/BAND: Zero 7, AC/DC, Nick Drake, Kurt Elling

SONG: Nature Boy

HOBBY: Travel

SPORT/TEAM: Cincinnati Reds, Buffalo Bills, Sydney Swans, Australian Cricket Team

BOOK: Candy by Luke Davies

VACATION SPOT: Tuscany, Italy

STORE: Milroy’s of Soho

SEASON: Summer, always summer!



Why did you join Rotary? I was invited by the Board Chair of the Fitton Center, Linda Yarger, in May of 2015

What is your favorite part of being a Rotarian?

Definitely the irreverence, comradery and community support of the other members

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